Once I was a unicorn.

Maybe you were too.

Even if you can't remember.

You're here now.

And so am I.

We Unicorns are easy to spot.

  1. We lose track of time easily.
  2. Once together we want no one else.
  3. We can't let go of things easily.
  4. We wonder about wierd stuff.
  5. We are bunch of crazy people who are totally different but still have a lot in common

I know you feel me deep inside but still you would reject the fact staright upfront.

Today I learned some things about the human world.

  1. Humans get grumpy when they are hungry.
  2. Clothes are important(!NOT).
  3. Some humans abhor showers. Some love them.
  4. There are humans who don't believe in magic.
  5. But they do believe in rainbows.
  1. People are sometimes nicer to each other when bad things happen to them.
  2. Fingers work better than so many things (LOL!)
  3. When you blow your nose, that isn't your brain coming out.

We keep learning new things. This world is so full of things.